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Our Methodology

 With so many different approaches and methods, it can be rather difficult to decide which is the best to use. Unfortunately, there is no… clear answer as much will depend upon your individual circumstances. Your personality, the culture of the students, and their needs will all play a part in your decision. Engage, Study, and Activate (ESA)If, as discussed earlier, students need to be motivated, be exposed to the language, and have the opportunity to use it, then we need to make sure that all these factors come into play in the classroom. The most effective method for this was put forward by Jeremy Harmer, where he called these elements 'ESA' — Engage, Study and Activate. 


 This is the sequence in the lesson where the teacher will try to arouse the students' interest and get them involved in the lesson. 


These activities are those where the students will focus on the language (or information) and how it is constructed.                                       


This is the stage where the students are encouraged to use any/all of the language they know. Here students should be using the language as 'freely' and communicatively as possible. The focus is very much more on fluency than accuracy with no restrictions on language usage.

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