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 Business English Communication Course

Business English Communication Course aims to develop the English communication skills you need to succeed in the business world. It will widen your knowledge of the various situations where you can use them in business socialization.  Moreover, students of this course will become more fluent and confident in using the language of business and should increase their career opportunities.

This business communication course features completely customized contents and a significantly enhanced range of authentic resource materials, suitable for catering to the latest trends in the business world. It consists of units based on topics of great interest to everyone.

Course contents

                          Level 1

  1. Greet people

  2. Introduce yourself

  3. Spell your name for someone

  4. Introduce your family

  5. Say which country you come from

  6. Count to 100

  7. Talk about age

  8. Introduce your job

  9. Give a simple description of your workplace

  10. Understand simple directions

  11. Talk about shopping

  12. Talk about clothing

  13. Ask for food

  14. Talk about simple daily tasks and routines

  15. Talk about dates and birthdays

  16. Have a telephone conversation

  17. Give a basic description of where you live

  18. Talk about specific locations

  19. Talk about the weather

  20. Talk about sports

                           Level 2

  1. Talk about health and medical conditions

  2. Talk about renting a place to live

  3. Give, or ask for an address

  4. Make and respond to an invitation

  5. Make social conversation

  6. Talk about your work experience

  7. Talk about your education

  8. Introduce a co-worker

  9. Read a business card

  10. Understand basic job and company information

  11. Read and write a hotel review

  12. Make a telephone reservation

  13. Check-in and out of a hotel

  14. Talk about your hobbies and interests

  15. Talk about holidays and events

  16. Compare and purchase products

  17. Politely describe a problem with a product

  18. Talk about your likes and dislikes

  19. Ask for or provide help

  20.  Describe people


                          Level 3

  1. Express irritation

  2. Describe people

  3. Talk about relationships

  4. Emphasise a point

  5. Ask someone about their day

  6. Relate a simple news story

  7. Talk about important events in people’s lives

  8. Welcome people

  9. Write letters

  10. React to good and bad news

  11. Express doubt through language and intonation

  12. Understand informal language

  13. Understand differences in British English and American English vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

  14. Understand and respond to common job interview questions

  15. Comment on your co-workers

  16. Agree with people you work with

  17. Make a recommendation about a colleague

  18. Talk about weather, seasons and temperature

  19. Make plans with friends

  20. Understand event times and information

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