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ESL for Teens

Teenagers are indeed sociable, although many may seem shy or reserved, most teenagers like social interaction. In fact, teen classes can be the most difficult and often challenging work for teachers, they are hard to motivate however they also have the greatest learning potentials.  Thus, we designed programs to assist them to excel and succeed. Examples of great activities for teen students are survival English, skills in test-taking activities that boost their conversational skills etc.

 Course Contents


Unit  1: Greetings and Introductions

 Unit 2: Giving and Asking for Information

 Unit 3: Talking about Classroom Items

Unit 4: Talking about Favorite Things

Unit 5:: Talking about Family

Unit 6: Talking about Occupations

Unit 7: Expressing Likes and Dislikes

Unit 8: Describing People

Unit 9: Talking about Here and Now

Unit 10: Describing a Picture

Unit 11: Talking about Feelings and Health

Unit 12: Talking about Past Actions

Unit 13: Talking about Life Events

Unit 14: Closing a Conversation

Unit 15: Expressing Thanks

Unit 16: Talking about the Future

 Unit 17: Daily Activities

Unit 18: Family and Relationships

Unit 19: Sports

Unit 20: Personal Items



Unit 1- Greetings

Unit 2- Introductions

Unit 3- Places Around

Unit 4- Months & Dates

Unit 5- Directions

Unit 6- Places in the City

Unit 7- Health & Sickness

Unit 8- Telling Time, O’clock

Unit 9- Telling Time, Quarter Past

Unit 10- Days of the week

Unit 11-Months of the Year

Unit 12- School Subjects

Unit 13- Amusement Parks

Unit 14- Things in the House

Unit 15- Seasons & Activities

Unit 16- Festivals & Holidays

Unit 17- Computer parts

Unit 18- Sea Transportations

Unit 19-  Roads & Streets

Unit 20-  When I was


Unit 1- Animal Comparisons

Unit 2- Planting a Flower

Unit 3- Marine Animals

Unit 4- Futurologist

Unit 5- Emotions

Unit 6- Hobbies & Activities

Unit 7- Countries Attractions

Unit 8- Emergencies

Unit 9- Farm Mysteries

Unit 10-  Shopping for Shoes

Unit 11- We Visited a Zoo

Unit 12- Natural World

Unit 13- World Travel Destination

Unit 14- Healthy Lifestyle

Unit 15- Favorite Movies

Unit 16- Young Scientist

Unit 17-Different Jobs

Unit 18- Weather Forecast

Unit 19- Fire Drill

Unit 20- After a Vacation




  Unit 1: Social English

  Unit 2: Likes, Dislikes,and Preferences

  Unit 3: Invitations and Offers

  Unit 3: Agreeing & Disagreeing

  Unit 3: Arguing & Swearing

  Unit 4: Apologizing & Expressing        Regret

  Unit 5: Expressing Concern,                 Sympathy, and Condolences

  Unit 6: Worrying, Reassuring,            Cheering up, and Encouraging

  Unit 7: Interrupting

  Unit 8: Asking Permission & Asking       Indirect Questions

  Unit 9: Common Interjections

  Unit 10: Common Euphemisms

  Unit 11: Talking about Information

  Unit 12: Certainty & Probability

  Unit 13: Similarities & Differences

  Unit 14: Talking about Decisions

  Unit 15: Opinions & Advice

  Unit 16: Complaining & Criticizing

  Unit 17: Discourse Markers

  Unit 18: Idioms for Feelings

  Unit 19: Using Vague Language

  Unit 20: Talking about Hypothetical Situations

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