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      Message from the Director

  Over the past years, various methods and approaches are utilized in English education and one of these is the use of the INTERNET.

 In fact, the Internet has vast resources and potentials as tools for teaching English as Global Language. So how can we maximize using this technology so as to enable our learners to be part of globalization? The answer is very practical. Utilize the internet as a source of knowledge, method to communicate using its countless apps and innovations. Not only that but also to incorporate the internet as a central part of teaching and learning. I am very certain that the INTERNET will play important roles as the world is now in a new normal.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many experts to create and design online teaching and learning platforms - these come from very systematic, easy-to-use, and user-friendly technologies. Although there are some negatives to it. However, I can say that the benefits that we get by far outweigh its drawbacks.

At e-Paragon English Center, our courses are communication-based, with an emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills. It is designed to help students improve both spoken and written English.  

Our professional, experienced and attentive online instructors will help students gain fluency by using creative and helpful learning tasks. With one teacher one student method in each class, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice whilst learning with ex-pats and native teachers from around the world.



 Best Wishes

 Jimmy A. Calamiong

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